Saturday, July 7, 2007

Wyatt and friends

When you have bought all records by Robert Wyatt (in his own name, or with his bands), I'm sure you want to get some of the albums he is a guest on (do you ever say "no", man?). Here are some suggestions from wyattandstuff, to help you get stuff where Wyatt really is a part of the project. Later we will perhaps make a list of records and tapes where he talks about child work, makes insect sounds and so on.
You pop- and rock people start buying from the top of the list. All you intelectuals, who think art music is a lot of fun, start buying from the bottom.

Phil Manzanera: Vozero (1999)
Ultramarine: United Kingdoms (1995)
John Greaves: Songs (1995)
John Greaves and Élise Caron: Chansons (2004)
Michael Mantler: Hide and Seek (Text: Paul Auster)(2001)
Michael Mantler: Silence (Text: Harold Pinter) (1976)

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