Friday, September 22, 2017

Canterbury Festival

A Canterbury Festival is happening at Augustine Hall Saturday 28 October 2017.

"The Daytime programme will include discussions with artists, cultural intermediates, and academics such as Professor Andy Bennett (Griffith University, Australia), Geoffrey Richardson (Caravan), Aymeric Leroy (Calyx/author of the book The Canterbury Sound), Brian Hopper (The Wilde Flowers, The Soup Songs), Phil Howitt (founder of Facelift magazine), Matt Watkins (Canterbury Sans Frontiers), Alan Payne and Professor Murray Smith (University of Kent), and hosts Professor Shane Blackman (Canterbury Christ Church) and Dr Asya Draganova (Birmingham City University). During the day, we will have performances by outstanding Canterbury artists Jack Hues and the Quartet and Koloto.

The Evening programme will present two key bands (SoupSongs and Lapis Lazuli), which articulate different aspects and eras of the aesthetic development of the ‘Canterbury Sound’:

The Soup Songs are a unique band assembled with the support and participation of Robert Wyatt, founding figure of the ‘Canterbury Sound’. A group of incredible musicians, led by trombonist Annie Whitehead, the band specialises in performing Wyatt's work with all its nuances and complexities for modern audiences. They return to Canterbury following last year's exceptional performance at University of Kent’s In Conversation with Robert Wyatt". (Facebook Event).

Sunday, September 3, 2017

September Song

Well it´s that time of the year again, so please have a listen to Pascal Comelade and Robert Wyatt´s beautiful version of "September Song" (Anderson/Will).
It´s on the record "September Song" (Disques Du Soleil Et De L´acier/Delabel 2000), on which you will also find a cover of "Signed Curtain".

It´s on Spotify, but if you don´t have access have a listen on YouTube.

On the cover of the CD is a picture of "Marx Merry Makers", a musical toy by Louis Marx (1911).

In 2016 Because Music released a 6 CD sampler with Pascal Comelade called "Rocanrolorama 1974-2016" (2016). Take a look at the track list on our favourite Wyatt discograpy - Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt - for more interesting material.