Sunday, September 21, 2014

Friday Night And Sunday Afternoon (Bergen)

I caught Bergen street artist RC working Friday night (photo OK for him), and checked out his finished work Sunday afternoon.

Anyone recognize what film the image is taken from?

Added 22 September:

The image is from the movie "Come and see" (Elem Klimov, 1985),

Saturday, September 20, 2014

M Magazine Playlist

This week´s playlist in M Magazine is dedicated to Robert Wyatt, and they have a chat with him too.
Read here!

"What would you describe yourself as?
I couldn’t possibly describe myself. I’m not introspective enough!"

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit new release

PNL Large Unit playing "Fortar Hardar" (Norwegian dialect: "Quicker Harder") live at Moers Festival 2014.

The track will be on the next Large Unit release "Erta Ale" on PNL Records (Oct/Nov 2014).
You may pre-order the 4 LP box from Catalytic Sound, oh and even a 3 CD box if you prefer.

Please read this message from PNL Large Unit´s Facebook site:
"A very important announcement about the Paal Nilssen-Love Large Unit box sets available for pre-order on Catalytic-Sound - sales of the first 100 boxes will go towards Melaku Belay and Fendika Cultural Club in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. The club is facing closure if they don't raise $75,000 before September 30th! Purchase of the LP box set will also give you a photo from Melaku".


Thomas Johansson – cornet and flugelhorn
Mats Äleklint – trombone
Kasper Værnes – soprano and alto saxophone
Klaus Holm – alto and baritone saxophone
Børre Mølstad – tuba
Ketil Gutvik – electric guitar
Lasse Marhaug – turntable and electronics
Jon Rune Strøm – double and electric bass
Christian Meaas Svendsen – double and electric bass
Andreas Wildhagen – drums & percussion
Paal Nilssen-Love – drums & percussion

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Terje Isungset and Lena Nymark

Info from YouTube:
""A glimpse of light" is recorded in an ice cave underneath the amazing Nigard Glacier(Jostedalen) in Norway. This video clip is a part of a portrait of Terje Isungset made by French TV in 2014.
Lena Nymark: voice, Terje Isungset, ice, Bernard Svidal: ice carver, Tor Magne Hallibakken: sound engineer".

Please don´t try to go under a glacier on your own! OK?

Monday, September 15, 2014

Bly De Blyant vinyl

We have had some posts on the trio Bly De Blyant and their two Hubro albums in this blog.

Their second album "Hindsight Bias" (Hubro 2014) has been out on CD since January, and now the vinyl is finally ready too.
I heard them last night at the Bergen Kjøtt venue, playing a solid mix of most genres around. Nice!

Bly De Blyant is Øyvind Skarbø (dr), Hilmar Jensson (g) and Shahzad Ismaily (b, synth).

Check them out!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Shipbuilding singles

I have been on eBay again, and thought I had all of the versions of Robert Wyatt´s "Shipbuilding"/"Memories of you" singles (Rough Trade 1982) now.

The covers are details of a painting by Stanley Spencer.

My version of the first one there, up left, is not a fold out, the other ones are.
On eBay it seems like there is a fold out version of that one too. True or false?

And yes, I also have the 12" version with "Round midnight" added to the other two songs, with the same cover as the first one here.

Added later in the day:

Read the comment from Arie and go to Discogs to find 11 variations! Oops!

Friday, September 12, 2014


KÖok is Stian Larsen and Jan Erik Ahlsen (both of them: guitars, electronics), and you will probably want to check out their third album "Imber Whiltshire", released by Va Fongool a couple of days ago.

From Va Foongol´s KÖok pages: "In 1943 the citizens of Imber got an order from the British military to abandon the city so allied forces could use it for combat training. The city was never used for its intention and none of the citizens moved back. KÖök tells the story of empty buildings and abandoned homes and farms. On the album ”Imber, Wiltshire” you can hear the sounds of a deserted town".

Yes you can in fact hear the sounds and emptiness of a deserted town, but the soundscapes created here would probably fit as a soundtrack to your own thoughts on a gloomy day too, even if you didn´t know the story behind it.

Guro Skumsnes Moe (b) and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (dr) play on two tracks each.

Cover: Lasse Marhaug.