Wednesday, July 27, 2016

North Sea Radio Orchestra

Copied from SoundCloud:
"Taken from their new album 'Dronne' (THM004 release date 09/09/2016) here is North Sea Radio Orchestra's cover version of Robert Wyatt's 'The British Road'.
In 2014 NSRO were invited to perform at the Nuits de Fourviere festival in Lyon France - performing the music of Robert Wyatt."

And you may also want to revisit this blog post from 2015 to hear John Greaves and Élise Caron cover "Alifie" with the North Sea Radio Orchestra.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Ben Bryden: Glasgow Dreamer

Ben Bryden´s CD "Glasgow Dreamer. The Music of Ivor Cutler" (Roncador 2016) has been mentioned a couple of times already in the blog, but now it is here.

You get instrumental jazz versions of seven Ivor Cutler songs (including favorites like "I got no common sense" and "I worn my elbows") and three tracks by Bryden in the spirit of Cutler. The Cutler songs are picked from "Velvet Donkey", "Dandruff" and "Jammy Smears".

I found it in my mail box yesterday and it sounds nice! Streamed on Spotify for those who have access.

The band: Ben Bryden (ts), Reinier Baas (g), Tom Berkmann (b) and Mark Schilders (dr).

Soft Machine live in Croydon (1970)

See thebluemomentcom (July 25, 2016), where Richard Williams writes about a Soft Machine concert (he nearly missed) at Fairfield Hall in Croydon, January 4th, 1970.

The concert was later released on the album "Noisette" (Cuneiform, 2000).

The band: Robert Wyatt, Elton Dean, Hugh Hopper, Mike Ratledge and Lyn Dobson.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grey Lotus

My Dutch is pretty weak, but trying to read the piece "Drukke tijden voor Grey Lotus" through Google Translate I conclude that this band regularly play Robert Wyatt songs at their concerts!

In 2014 they also released "In Tribute To Robert Wyatt (Live)" on BandCamp, with the tracks "Sea Song", "Shipbuilding", "Memories" and "Out of the blue".

The musicians:

Daan Arisz - Guitar
Joost Verhagen - Vocals
Judith Wesselius - Vocals
Otto de Boer - Double Bass
Niels van der Weiden - Piano & Synthesizer
Lars van der Weiden - Drums
Eoin Roberts - Violin
Roelof Ruis - Accordeon

I had trouble embedding the BandCamp album (follow link above), so here is a track from SoundCloud instead:

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bertrand Burgalat & Robert Wyatt - This Summer Night

Let´s hear it for the summer!

Clip directed by Daniel Klein
Bertrand Burgalat & Robert Wyatt - "This Summer Night" , ℗ & © 2007 Tricatel

And if you like, Bertrand Burgalat & Robert Wyatt - "This Summer Night (Solenzara Mix)" right here, from the CD "Inédits" (Tricatel 2011, 2014 ??).

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Gavin Esler In Conversation with Robert Wyatt

And here it finally is, the video from Gavin Esler In Conversation with Robert Wyatt at University of Kent (6 April 2016)!

Music by Soupsongs:

Annie Whitehead - trombone and vocals

Jennifer Maidman - lead vocals and guitar

Sarah Jane Morris and Cristina Dona - lead vocals

Brian Hopper and Mark Lockheart - saxophones

Tim Harries - bass

Janette Mason - keys

Liam Genockey - drums

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'Pardon me, I'm very drunk'

I just read: Marcus O'Dair (2016). 'Pardon me, I'm very drunk': alcohol, creativity and performance anxiety in the case of Robert Wyatt. Popular Music, 35, pp 207-221.

Unfortunately it is not open access, so you have to check if your local library has a subscription (or jump over here to buy).

The scholarly article´s title is pretty descriptive of course, and the story of Robert Wyatt and his alcohol use (and misuse) is seen in context of the literature on the topics mentioned in the title.

The conclusion? Even if the alcohol use led to dependency, and at times a strained relationship with Alfie, it might have helped him "to overcome performance anxiety and to enhance at least some stages of creativity". But it might have been partly due to placebo!