Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stella Maris

Ave, maris stella,
Dei Mater alma,
atque semper Virgo,
felix cœli porta.

Relax, I haven´t turned to religion, and I´m not going to try to impress you with any knowledge of the Russian musician Boris Grebenshikov, but according to Wikipedia he is one of the most prominent members of the generation which is widely considered the "founding fathers" of Russian rock music.

But I do know something (*drums*): He is releasing a single called "Stella Maris" with our man Robert Wyatt on 13 April 2015!
It is to be released worldwide on iTunes, Amazon and Google Play.

It is a beautiful song based on (or partly being) a plainsong Vespers hymn to Mary called "Ave Maris Stella".

Robert Wyatt – voice, tenor horn, cornet
Boris Grebenshikov – voice, keyboards, mandoline, ocarina
Natalya Vergey – voice
Boris Rubekin – mellotron, flute, piano
Mitchell Froom – OP1, organ
Valeria Kurbatova - harp

String quartet :

Patrick Kiernan – violin
Bruce White – viola
Ian Burdge – cello
Oli Langford –viola

Arranged by David Arch

Choir: Edward Burnaby-Atkins, Augustus Howland, George Laing (Summerfields)
Shaunak Desai, Alessandro D’Orazio, Theo Nash, Nicolas Veal-Baschwitz (London Russian Music School)

Director – Pavel Timofejevsky

We´ll come back (or update this post) when we know the name of the record company, or hear that it is going to be released in any known physical format.

Førdefestivalen 2015

Going to the west coast of Norway this summer?
Førdefestivalen- Førde Traditional and World Music Festival - is happening 1 - 5 July!

Not that I know all the artists here, but it seems like a great program.
Check out the list of artists here, and they have an English page too.

I wouldn´t be surprised if the Russian band Otava You is able to cook up a party!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

TOY: Free Will And Testament

Have a listen to TOY´s cover of Robert Wyatt and Mark Kramer´s ""Free will and testament" for "Attitude is Everything", and organization working to improve deaf and disabled people's access to live music.

TOY: Tom Dougall, Dominic O'Dair, Maxim "Panda" Barron, Charlie Salvidge and Alejandra Diez.

Read Lee Walker´s "Being deaf doesn't mean you don't care about music" in The Guardian (24 March 2015).

Epiphanies: Life-changing Encounters With Music

50 of the Wire´s Epiphanies essays have been collected in the anthology "Epiphanies: Life-changing Encounters With Music", edited by Tony Herrington (Strange Attractor, 2015).

Lots of interesting chapters, like:

"Clive Bell on Henry Cow’s chamber music"

"Cathal Coughlan on the war songs of Slapp Happy and Art Bears"

"Robert Wyatt on the genius of Ray Charles"

All of the chapters in The Wire Shop and in this piece in The Guardian.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Gong: Occupy

Check out this video by Cyriak for Gong´s latest album "I see You" (Madfish 2014).

Info from Cyriak on YouTube:

Daevid Allen: bi-focal local vocals n gliss
Orlando Allen: beat/crash/kick
Dave Sturt: bass & invisible operas
Kavus Torabi: crunchbox & scythe guitar
Fabio Golfetti: winged guitars/glissando
Ian East: sax

Produced by Orlando Allen with Daevid Allen and Dave Sturt
Composed by Daevid Allen, Dave Sturt and Ian East

Pretty nice way of using whatever loose change he happened to have in his pocket!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Alfie in Wonderland

There’s a new signed artist print from Alfreda Benge – a rare one that isn’t from a Robert Wyatt album – being published to celebrate the 150th anniversary of publication of Lewis Carroll´s "Alice in Wonderland".

It’s available for sale at Hypergallery, where Alfie’s prints of "Rock Bottom" (down to the last 20 of this edition now) and "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard" are also still available.

This artwork was originally created for the cover of French group Klimperei’s "Alice Au Pays Des Merveilles" (In-Poly-Sons 2000).

Limited edition of 60

Image size: 17.00" x 17.00"

Paper size: 24.00" x 24.00"

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Skydive Trio live in Bergen

We already mentioned Skydive´s fine new album on Hubro, and here they play the title track "Sun Moee" at Logen in Bergen (15 March 2015).

Skydive Trio: Mats Eilertsen (bass), Thomas T. Dahl (guitar) and Olavi Louhivuori (drums).