Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Matching Mole and Ayers/Wyatt/Bedford/Coxhill 1972

Two great 1972 videos from ILEA (Inner London Education Authority) archive uploaded on Nuthatch´s YouTube. Hope they stay there!

First Matching Mole and second Kevin Ayers, Robert Wyatt, Dave Bedford and Lol Coxhill.

(AND I´m struggeling with the new Blogger version!!)

Sunday, September 6, 2020

Ben Watt "Summer Into Winter" (2020)


Just to show you I found a copy of Ben Watt´s Record Store Day release of "Summer into Winter" with Robert Wyatt. Originally released in 1982 on Cherry Red, now «It comes with brand new half-speed Abbey Road Studios remastering on translucent blue vinyl, and reverse board sleeves».

I don´t know how easy it will be to get this record in stores, but there are already several copies on ebay - and for much less than I had to pay over here in Bergen (Norway).

And most important: It´s still a beauty!!

"His Greatest Misses" Compilation on Domino in October


Robert Wyatt´s "His Greatest Misses" (2004) will be available on vinyl for the first time on Domino October 9th.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Wyatt on new Mary Halvorson album


According to Wire Robert Wyatt appears on three tracks on Mary Halvorson´s new album "Artlessly Falling" to be released by the Firehouse 12 label on 16 October. 

Wednesday, August 12, 2020

Squid cover Wyatt and Reich

Squid is donating two covers for charity: Robert Wyatt "Pigs" and Steve Reich "Clapping Music." Go to Bandcamp to order. "All of the proceeds from this release will be given to the East Bristol Food Bank who are offering vital support in the local area, covering the whole city across 5 outlets. For more information go to".

Friday, July 31, 2020

Dana Gavanski "At Last I Am Free"

Dana Gavanski covers "At Last I Am Free" on "Wind Songs" EP out August 14th.

Order on Bandcamp.

Wednesday, June 24, 2020


Great collection by squarerootradio CZ on Mixcloud

Memories: A collection of songs by Hugh Hopper and Robert Wyatt plus others

1. ROBERT WYATT- Moon In June (1st Part demo), 1968
2. THE WiLDE FLOWERS - Memories (demo), 1966
3. THE SOFT MACHiNE - Memories, 1967
4. HUGH HOPPER incl. SOFT MACHiNE - Memories (demo), 1969
5. CiTRON - Vzpomínky (Memories) (live and studio collage from 1986 and 1987 sources)
6. DAEViD ALLEN with ROBERT WYATT - Memories, 1971
7. MATERiAL feat. WHiTNEY HOUSTON - Memories, 1982
8. ROBERT WYATT - Memories (single), 1975
8. UNiVERSiTY OF ERRORS - Memories, 2004
9. SOFT MACHiNE - Moon In June (Live BBC), 1969
9. NAČEVA / PAVLíČEK / FiVE - Jiná žena (Other Woman), 2007