Sunday, November 27, 2016

WEEK-END MIXTAPE #3: Robert Wyatt

Robert Wyatt presents favorites from Bertold Brecht, Bernard Bresslaw, Pavarotti + James Brown, Archie Shepp, Zaz, Nina Simone, Danny Kaye and more in a mixtape for WEEKEND_festival.

A couple of records

Just a reminder here about a couple of records already mentioned in the blog.

- The Great Divide´s beautiful "Ibrahim" featuring Robert Wyatt. A few copies left on AmazonUK. And it is a 10".
Album scheduled for release in 2017. Just this track with Wyatt I hear.

- Sporran´s glam version of "Shipbuilding" on 7". A Costello/Langer song as you know, but just as much Robert Wyatt´s.
I got my copy from Trigger Museum, transparent vinyl and all!

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Fiction Aisle

A cover of "Lullaby for Hamza" by Brighton band The Fiction Aisle from their "Live at Lick" (Chord Orchard 2015). It´s track no. 4.

"Limited editon hand-numbered cassette EP featuring three tracks recorded live in session at the Lick Warehouse, Brighton, October 2015, plus a bonus home-recording of Robert Wyatt's Lullaby For Hamza".

Band members (taken from their Facebook site): Thomas White, Louis Macgillivray, Adam Kidd, Alan Grice, Holly Fitzgerald, Jordan Duggie, Damo Waters, Craig Chapman

Thanks for the tip Arie!

Saturday, November 12, 2016

Dwiki Dharmawan covers "Forest"

Dwiki Dharmawan covers Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge´s "Forest" on his new album "Pasar Klewer" (MoonJune 2016).

There are two versions, one with vocals by Boris Savoldelli and one instrumental.

More info on tracks, band members and how to buy over at MoonJune´s Bandcamp.

Saturday, November 5, 2016

Sporran: Shipbuilding

Have you heard this glam version of Shipbuilding?

On YouTube they claim it is "a sensitive cover version". Agree?

Anyway, it is possible to order a new 7" now from Trigger Museum Records.

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Soupsongs at Musicport 2016

Some video material has been uploaded from "Soupsongs (The songs of Robert Wyatt)" at Musicport 2016.

Here is "Alliance" (the start missing - I guess).

I don´t know the full band here, but some of them should be Sarah Jane Morris and Jennifer Maidman on vocals, Larry Stabbins on sax, Liam Genockey on drums and Annie Whitehead on trombone.

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Paul Weller, Robert Wyatt To Play Concert For Jeremy Corbyn

Clash writes: Paul Weller, Robert Wyatt To Play Concert For Jeremy Corbyn.

"Paul Weller and Robert Wyatt are amongst the artists who are set to play the opening instalment of PEOPLE POWERED: Concerts For Corbyn.
The concert series has been pieced together by music writer Lois Wilson, live music figure Paul Phillips, and Unison Officer/Brighton Momentum Organisers Sarah Pickett and James Ellis.
The first show takes place at Brighton's Dome venue on December 16th, and features an all-star band led by Paul Weller.
Excitingly, the line up features Robert Wyatt, with the legendary singer set to come out of retirement to support Jeremy Corbyn."

From Uncut (Added to the blog post later same day):
Paul Weller forms supergroup with Robert Wyatt, Danny Thompson to play concert for Jeremy Corbyn.