Sunday, December 2, 2007

2007's Top 20 Records?

OK, I'll try. This is my Top 20 of this year (so far). At least, this is how I feel at this moment. It's my usual mix of jazz, rock, indie and so on (search my blog or MySpace). I just know I have forgotten some important ones, damn it.

Ai Phoenix: The Light Shines Almost All the Way
Kevin Ayers: Unfairground
Brøtzmann, Nilssen-Love, Gustaffson: The fat is gone
Pelle Carlberg: In a nutshell
John Cale: Circus: Live

The Core: Office essentials
Feist: The Reminder
Frode Haltli: Passing images
PJ Harvey: White chalk
Sharon Jones & The Dap King: 100 days, 100 nights

Thurston Moore: Trees outside the academy
Two bands and a legend:Feat. Cato Salsa/The Thing/Joe McPhee
Shining: Grindstone
Supersilent: 8
Linda Thompson: Versatile heart

Richard Thompson: Sweet warrior
Richard and Linda Thompson: In concert 1975
Sissy Wish: Beauties Never Die
Robert Wyatt: comicopera
Rachel Unthank & The Winterset: The bairns


Catasto Elettrico said...

Hi Svenn,
both your e-mail do not works, so here's our answer:
we own the original file of HC and Robert Wyatt as an homemade handwrited CD-r a friend gave us many times ago, and we do not know if it was released in any form or the real source of it. Our net search gave no results about.
All we can say is that the original recording was very sick, so we have done a very carful remaster to it to make the sound more clear and a bit higher in level before to post it, and be sure the result is better than the original.
As usual for us, we draw a cover for the unreleased or homemade files we post, just to help visitors to pack their CD. So the cover has been drawn from us a few days ago. But - just as we write in the main page - feel free to use it, the text and the musical file as you prefer.

We will come to see your blog soon and if you like to exchange links to respective blogs just put our on your page and we'll do soon the same by our side.

Moreover, let us know if you please if you l isten to our own albums and what do you think about,

See you here and there. Cheers
Catasto Elettrico (

Svenn said...

Thanks a lot!