Monday, July 28, 2008

Say Hi to the Rivers and the Mountains

Author Jonathan Coe and Sean O'Hagan from High Llamas (and Microdisney) worked together to make "Say Hi to the Rivers and the Mountains", where Coe's text and O'Hagan's music was performed at Analog in Dublin about a week ago.
Jonathan Coe is the author of the Canterbury-titled novel "Rotter's Club", and he also remembers Robert Wyatt in The Guardian ("Moon Tunes" 12 July): "Microdisney's sound was distinctive: it came from the friction between O'Hagan's strong, accessible melodic sensibility and the furious political radicalism expressed in Cathal Coughlan's lyrics. In pop music, perhaps only Robert Wyatt understood the new economic energies of the 1980s as thoroughly as Coughlan seemed to; and, like Wyatt, he remains one of the music world's most brilliant and underrated lyricists."

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