Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Robert Wyatt "`68" (Cuneiform 2013) (part 2)

One of the really nice surprises in 2013, was the release of Robert Wyatt´s old stuff on "`68" (Cuneiform)!

We had a blog post on the album back in October, and here is just a follow-up, so you may see and compare the CD and vinyl versions. There are different pictures on the sleeve (back) and in the CD booklet versus the LP inlay, with Aymeric Leroy´s interview with Robert Wyatt from December 2012.

The radio edit of the track "Rivmic Melodies" is not on the vinyl album, but you get it by using the download code. The track is not listed on the sleeve of the CD either, but it´s there for sure.

The white vinyl album (500 copies) is sold out, but you may buy CD or downloads, or pre-order a blue vinyl version (500 copies) on Cuneiform´s Bandcamp site.

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