Monday, October 20, 2014


To mark his 70th year, Evan Parker curates a week of performances at the Vortex and Cafe Oto in London. Starting tonight!

Evan@70 Full Programme:

Monday October 20 – Cafe OTO
Evan Parker + The Necks

Tuesday October 21 – The Vortex
Evan Parker / Chris Corsano / John Edwards (trio)
Evan Parker / Joe McPhee (duo)
Evan Parker / Chris Corsano / Joe McPhee / John Edwards (quartet)

Wednesday October 22 – Cafe OTO
Evan Parker + AMM (John Tilbury & Eddie Prévost)

Thursday October 23 – The Vortex
Evan Parker with Black Top (Pat Thomas & Orphy Robinson)
Evan Parker / John Edwards / Steve Noble

Friday October 24 – Cafe OTO
Evan Parker / John Edwards / John Russell

Saturday October 25 – The Vortex
Trance Map Quartet with Matt Wright computer and turntables/Hannah Marshall cello/Barry Guy bass

Sunday October 26 – Cafe OTO
Evan Parker Electro-Acoustic Ensemble

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