Wednesday, June 8, 2016

'Pardon me, I'm very drunk'

I just read: Marcus O'Dair (2016). 'Pardon me, I'm very drunk': alcohol, creativity and performance anxiety in the case of Robert Wyatt. Popular Music, 35, pp 207-221.

Unfortunately it is not open access, so you have to check if your local library has a subscription (or jump over here to buy).

The scholarly article´s title is pretty descriptive of course, and the story of Robert Wyatt and his alcohol use (and misuse) is seen in context of the literature on the topics mentioned in the title.

The conclusion? Even if the alcohol use led to dependency, and at times a strained relationship with Alfie, it might have helped him "to overcome performance anxiety and to enhance at least some stages of creativity". But it might have been partly due to placebo!

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