Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Grey Lotus

My Dutch is pretty weak, but trying to read the piece "Drukke tijden voor Grey Lotus" through Google Translate I conclude that this band regularly play Robert Wyatt songs at their concerts!

In 2014 they also released "In Tribute To Robert Wyatt (Live)" on BandCamp, with the tracks "Sea Song", "Shipbuilding", "Memories" and "Out of the blue".

The musicians:

Daan Arisz - Guitar
Joost Verhagen - Vocals
Judith Wesselius - Vocals
Otto de Boer - Double Bass
Niels van der Weiden - Piano & Synthesizer
Lars van der Weiden - Drums
Eoin Roberts - Violin
Roelof Ruis - Accordeon

I had trouble embedding the BandCamp album (follow link above), so here is a track from SoundCloud instead:


Unknown said...

Thank you Svenn, I would be more than happy to give you a bit more information on the topic if you like. You can reach me at

Keep up the good work

Joost Verhagen

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Arie said...

More RW songs by Grey Lotus

Svenn said...

Thanks again Arie. Sorry I´m late, will follow up in a week or two (I hope!).