Saturday, December 17, 2016

September In The Rain

"September in the rain" from the "People Powered: Concerts For Corbyn" The Dome Brighton 16th December, with Robert Wyatt, Paul Weller, Danny Thompson and others (?).

Would have loved to be there, and hoping for some high quality videos!

Added 18 December:

"Mass medium" and talk by Robert right here.

"Blues in Bob Minor" right here.

And as mentioned in a comment:
The other musicians on stage were Steve Pilgrim and Ben Gordelier.


Unknown said...

Robert played on most of the songs the band performed. He also sang Mass Medium and Blues In Bob Minor. Hopefully some footage will turn up but just to manage expectations the sound quality was not great.

The other members of the band were long time Weller sidekicks Steve Pilgrim and Ben Gordelier.

Svenn said...

Rory - Thanks a lot for the comment!