Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Streaming ECM

Like it or not, but music streaming is here.

Even ECM records are now available on Spotify and other services!

If you don´t own them already, you may now check out the Michael Mantler albums with Robert Wyatt on them too (ECM and Watt labels).

- "The Hapless Child" (Watt 1976) with words by Edvard Gorey.

- "Silence" (Watt 1977) with words by Harold Pinter.
(Catalogued as Various Artists: "No answer / Silence" on Spotify)

- "Many Have No Speech" (Watt 1988) (words by Beckett, Meister, Soupault)
(Also as Various Artists on Spotify)

-"The School of Understanding" (ECM 1997)

- "Hide and Seek" (ECM 2001) with words by Paul Auster.

More info as always on "Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt"!

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