Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Mary Halvorson selects the songs which inspired her new band Code Girl

Go here for Mary Halvorson´s Wire Playlist, and to read more than the lines I copied!

"Known for her experimental jazz guitar playing as both band leader and accompaniment, Boston born Mary Halvorson recently released her first record including vocals and lyrics. In light of this, as well as her cover feature in the The Wire 410, Halvorson has compiled a playlist of songs which helped lead her to the point of forming her own group, Code Girl. The group released their debut LP via New Haven label Firehouse12 in March 2018.

“Here is a playlist including several key influences for my newest project, Code Girl, which is my first leader project that features a singer” starts Halvorson. “All of the musicians on this list have a totally unique concept and approach to lyrics and song. I’m starting with Robert Wyatt because his influence probably runs deepest. He is a true individual and innovator and I’ve spent years with many of his albums on repeat listen. “Sea Song” was the first of his I ever heard, so it holds a special place for me."

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