Tuesday, March 12, 2019

London Bossa

London Bossa | Mônica Vasconcelos & The London Bossa Collective from Mônica Vasconcelos on Vimeo.

"London Bossa" Mônica Vasconcelos & The London Bossa Collective (DVD 2014).

"London Bossa features 6 specially recorded performances where the band is seen playing original songs on a stage, 3 audio-only tracks, and the hour-long documentary '20 Years of Us'. What is this about? The attraction of Brazilian music to musicians all over the world. The model of togetherness that jazz offers the world. English humour meeting Brazilian. Stories behind the songs. Mônica’s family life and the eye condition which affects her and her brother. People they met along the way, this includes a guest appearance by rock and jazz legend Robert Wyatt."

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