Friday, March 16, 2007

Robert Wyatt and literature

Picture by Helena Dornellas, from Flickr

Michael Mantler: Silence (1976) - Harold Pinter
Michael Mantler: The Hapless child (1976) - Edward Gorey
Michael Mantler: Many have no speech (1988)- Samuel Beckett (and others)
Michael Mantler: Hide and seek (2001) - Paul Auster
Sigmatropic: Sixteen haiku & other stories (2003) - George Seferis
Max Richter: Songs from before (2006)- Haruki Murakami (Wyatt reads short extracts from "South of the border, west of the sun")

In Ian Rankin's book "Black and blue", there is a scene where our (anti-)hero Rebus is listening to music-cassettes in his car. He switches Wyatt's "Rock bottom" for Deep Purple, to hear "Into the fire". Scary?

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