Friday, March 16, 2007

Robert Wyatt for beginners - Matching Mole

This band existed in 1972, buy these albums:

Matching Mole (1972) (with beautiful "O Caroline")
Matching Mole's Little Red Record (1972)

Live albums:
BBC Radio 1 live in concert (1994)(uten grevling på coveret)
Smoke signals (2001)
March (2002)
On the radio (2007) (contains all of BBC Radio 1 live..)

All songs recorded by Matching Mole:

Beer as in braindeer (RW)
Brandy as in Benj/ Brandy as in Benge
Dedicated to Hugh, but you weren’t listening (RW)
Flora fidgit
Gloria Gloom
God song
Immediate curtain (RW)
Instant Kitten (RW)
Instant Pussy (RW)
Lithing and gracing /Lighteing and graceing/Lything and gracing
Marchides/March Ides I og II
Nan true’s hole
No ‘alf measures
O Caroline (Sinclair/RW)
Part of the dance
Righteous rhumba
Signed Curtain
Smoke signal
Smoke rings
Starting in the middle of the day we can drink our politics away
Waterloo Lily

(RW= composed by Robert Wyatt)

These were in the band: Robert Wyatt (dr,voc), David Sinclair (keyb), Phil Miller (g), Bill McCormick (b) and Dave McRae (keyb).

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