Thursday, March 29, 2012

Matching Mole Remastered

Esoteric Recordings recently released remastered and expanded versions of both Matching Mole albums from 1972, "Matching Mole" and "Little Red Record"!

They are both double CDs and contain the original albums (of course!) with great sound, the single versions of "O Caroline"/"Signed Curtain", unreleased alternative recordings of several tunes (among others a 20 minutes long "Part of the dance jam"), BBC sessions that have been released on "Matching Mole on the Radio" (Hux 1996) and three new tracks.

In 2007 I had a post called "Robert Wyatt for beginners - Matching Mole", where I listed all known recorded tunes from this band. Now we have to add "Memories Membrane" and "Horse" from "Matching Mole", and "Mutter" from "Little Red Record" to the list. "Mutter" is not a song, to be honest, but a quite entertaining recording of a slogan workshop! "It´s a mole! Can you dig it?"

I have not had the albums in the house for more than a day, but they sound SO good, that the conclusion will be: You need them! No reason to wait.

Added 7 May 2012:

Well, you might rather want to listen to Michael King, who is disagreeing! Check out his "Thoughts On Matching Mole's Little Red Record ~ Remastered" over at "What´s Rattlin´".

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FrontRowDetroit said...

Incredible! I didn't even know these were coming! I just ordered both of them. Thanks for the info!