Sunday, March 4, 2012

Ogdens´ Nut Gone Flake

Today I went down into the basement again, to look for a classic record.
Small Faces: "Ogdens´ Nut Gone Flake" (Immediate 1968) must have been one of the first LPs I bought, and I´m sorry I have to confess to you that my name is written in pretty large letters on the backside of one of the pages, that I tore from each other to pin to my wall! Those were the days!

Some days ago I got a newsletter (and I can´t find it now!?) stating that there soon would be a limited edition vinyl release of this album, with the original round cover, as made by Mick Swan. I suppose it is happening in connection with the DeLuxe edition release in May.

This is great psychedelia, one part being in the form of a fairytale (told by Stanley Unwin) and original tunes like "Lazy Sunday". You don´t buy this one ONLY for the cover!

Small Faces: Steve Marriott, Ronnie Lane, Kenny Jones and Ian McLagan.

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