Sunday, March 25, 2012

Elton Dean´s Ninesense live 1979

Here is another great archival release from Reel Recordings. This time we get the live album Elton Dean´s Ninesense "The 100 Club Concert 1979" (Reel Recordings 2012).
The full concert from The 100 Club takes two CDs (one set on each). They play one Nick Evans composition ("First born"), the rest is composed by Elton Dean.

If you are a Hi-Fi freak, please note that the recording is described as "Sony TC-D5M Cassette, Stereophonic Ambient Recording", and was made by Dean fan Riccardo Bergerone. It may sound as Keith Tippett is pretty far away from the rest, but if you can accept a recording (and release) like this one (and Tippett obviously has!), you are in for a treat! And really, it doesn´t sound that bad? Anyone?

The Band is Elton Dean (alto saxophone, saxello), Alan Skidmore (tenor & soprano saxophones), Mark Charig (cornet & tenor horn), Harry Beckett (flugelhorn & trumpet), Nick Evans (trombone), Radu Malfatti (trombone), Keith Tippett (piano), Harry Miller (bass), Louis Moholo (drums). The American trumpet player Jim Dvorak joined the Brit-Jazz gang for the second set.

I don´t know if anybody has published a complete, and up to date, Elton Dean discography, but visit Calyx´s Canterbury discography (click on D!) and Hulloder, and take it from there.

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