Sunday, March 11, 2012

Live in the living room

Bobby Bradford (cornet), Glenn Ferris (trombone) and Mark Dresser (double bass), live (no audience present) in Bruce Fowler´s living room, back in 2009, now released as "Live in LA" by Clean Feed (2012).

Bobby Bradford has played with Ornette Coleman and Eric Dolphy to name a few, but he has visited this blog a few times with Frode Gjerstad and Circulasione Totale Orchestra.
Some pictures from Molde and Bergen on Flickr, if you are interested.
Mark Dresser has played with Anthony Braxton and John Zorn, and Glenn Ferris with Don Ellis and Billy Cobham, among others.

The musicians sound so happy and relaxed here, and the music on "Live in LA" is just incredibly nice! I find no better words to describe it.

Download, and read some more over at eMusic.

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