Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ross Hammond Quartet

These days I seem to listen to few artists/bands in the jazz and improv area, who focus on electric guitars. What´s happening? OK, I play my Scorch Trio and Bushman´s Revenge albums, and of course the Norwegian guitar master Stian Westerhus, but he treats his guitar like it´s from another world.
So I needed another dose, and then comes Ross Hammond Quartet with "Adored" (Prescott Recordings 2012), all the way from California.

I might know the brother of one of the musicians, but once more, here is another bunch of great musicians I have probably never heard before:
Ross Hammond (g), Alex Cline (dr), Vinny Golia (sax) and Steuart Liebig (b).
There are good melodies, pretty rocked out stuff and into the free form wilderness they go too, happily during the same tune (like "Hands Up"), and there are quiet, beautiful moments like on "She´s my little girl". A very fine mix indeed.

On YouTube they play a live version of "Sesquipedalian", for your pleasure, and the album may be downloaded from both eMusic and iTunes.

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Byron and Kathy said...

"Adored"is a great album which brings together four great musicians.