Monday, February 4, 2013

The Keith Tippett Group

Please note, two new remastered releases on Esoteric Recordings.
We are talking about two classic British jazz releases, Keith Tippet Group´s "You are here...I am there" (1970) and "Dedicated to you, but you weren´t listening" (1971).

The band on the first album: Keith Tippett (p), Elton Dean (as), Marc Charig (cornet), Jeff Clyne (bass), Nick Evans (tb) and Alan Jackson (dr).

The band on "Dedicated to you...": Keith Tippett (p), Elton Dean (as), Marc Charig (Cornet), Nick Evans (tb), Roy Babbington (b), Neville Whitehead (b), Robert Wyatt (dr, and some voc), Phil Howard (dr) and Bryan Spring (dr).

Great big band-impro-jazz-rock (oh come on, it´s jazz, don´t get mad at me), with newly written essays by Sid Smith.

I got my copies quite cheap from Amazon (UK), but if you only want one of them, get "Dedicted to you..", with Roger Dean cover and all!


Elliot Knapp said...

Have really loved "Dedicated to You..." since getting it a few years ago. Happy to hear that the first album is reissued now, too! Definitely more on the jazz end of Canterbury, but there's some eclecticism and rocking passages on songs like "Green and Orange Night Park" there that set it apart from more "pure" jazz. Have you heard his solo piano Mujician albums? There's some great stuff on there too...

Svenn said...

Admit I have some listening to do, when it comes to Tippett! Thanks.