Monday, March 16, 2015

Bergen´s Borealis Festival

The 2015 version of Bergen´s Borealis festival for experimental music is over.

Check the programme and see if you find the selection of artists interesting!

When you hear that after months of heavy rain (no kidding!), the sun was in fine form during the whole festival, you might consider visiting the festival next time.

The pictures are from most of the concerts I attended. From top to bottom:

- The opening concert in Bergen´s old swimming pool, where the highlight for me was Oliver Coats playing cello and electronics from the top of the diving tower!

- Tomoko Sauvage´s beautiful installation and performance with melting ice at the Sound Gallery ("floe/flow", Lydgalleriet).

- Local pianist Else Olsen S. and veteran composer Christian Wolff: "Konsertsirkus" (Concert Circus). Three hours of open form for the whole family with Christian Wolff (composer and piano), Else Olsen S. (composer and prepared piano), Guro Moe (double bass), Lisa Dillan (voice, measuring cup and glasses), Maja Ratkje (voice and electronics), Mia Göran (flute), Michael Duch (double bass), Sigyn Fossnes (violin) and Øyvind Skarbø (drums).

- Guro Moe, Maja Ratkje and audience at "Konsertsirkus".

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