Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Edge of Wrong

A documentary about the festival "Edge of Wrong" is in the making

"The EDGE OF WRONG Music Festival started in 2006 and has been running for nine years. EOW aims to create a framework for exploratory music and art that prioritises collaboration between different cultural groupings, most notably South Africans and Norwegians. We believe that the arts provide invaluable and necessary means to bridge cultural differences and expand knowledge systems, and that collaborative artistic projects bring individuals together, facilitating lasting connections between communities".

Morthen Minothi Kristiansen is the (or one of the) driving force(s) behind the festival and Gøthe Lasse Ellevsøy is making the film.

And this project is crowdfunded through Indiegogo. You may contribute whatever amount you want of course, and even buy your way into the film (will cost you 103 USD)!

"Edge of Wrong - where mistakes are glorified"!

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