Sunday, October 4, 2015

Brian Eno: The John Peel Lecture 2015

From now you have 23 days left to listen to Brian Eno´s John Peel Lecture over on BBC Radio 6 Music, introduced by Mark Radcliffe!

You may also read a transcript (PDF) of it all, and perhaps the transcript might stay longer on the site?

"The annual John Peel Lecture invites a notable figure from the music industry to shape a debate and create insight around music and music-related media. Taking its inspiration from one of the greatest radio broadcasters of all time, and a figure who perpetually challenged the status quo, the John Peel Lecture has been a part of the Radio Festival since 2011.

This year's John Peel Lecture will examine the ecology of culture. Brian Eno will seek to demonstrate how the whole complex of individuals and institutions engaged in culture - artists, broadcasters, gallerists, promoters, DJs, managers, lawyers, fans - are symbiotically connected parts of a single huge organism which we call Culture. He will outline some of his thinking on this very unpredictable ecology and explore the interconnective relationships between the elements and components that combine to create our culture, and show how cultural processes confer essential and important benefits on society."

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