Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Voice — Sculpting Sound

Seek out the the new film "Voice — Sculpting Sound with Maja S. K. Ratkje" (2015), made by IJ. Biermann (writer, director) and Kai Miedendorp (director of photography)!

You will meet Maja Ratkje as composer, solo artist, band member (SPUNK, POING) and collaborator with loads of different musicians, producing improv, noise, children´s opera, contemporary classical, sound installations, political songs etc (good music for short).

Thankfully the talking is not made up of hundreds of short interviews (as may happen in documentaries), but her own voiceover.

All through the film there are beautiful shots of nature, quite suitable for an artist taking a stand against pollution and the power of oil companies.

The film premiered at Trondheim Chamber Music Festival, and should absolutely be shown at more festivals.

The DVD version also has an interesting audiocommentary track with Ben Knight in conversation with Ratkje and Biermann.

If you want the DVD, here is a message from the director (a bit edited by me):
"Yes, I do sell the DVD, so far I only do it myself, since there is not „official“ release yet — only through myself (= Myrland Films). So far the only option to buy the DVD is through my e-mail (ijb -at- illogical -dot- de), via PayPal or other ways of payment I am happy to send the DVD out to anyone in the world! I also have Blu-Ray Discs, but I have to produce them one by one, but I can offer them to anyone who is interested in a higher visual quality (together with the 5.1 mix and the various sound options of course)."

Also see Eyal Hareuveni´s review over at The Free Jazz Collective".

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