Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Hugh Hopper 10 CDs

I have not started buying or listening to the 10 CD series dedicated to unreleased (true for all tracks??) material from Hugh Hopper yet (Gonzo 2014-2015), but at least I have started to check out the info on the net! On Discogs you may find out the track lists and the personnel of each CD.

Robert Wyatt is present on:

- "Memories" on "Memories" Vol.1. (drums)
- "Facelift" (five versions) on "Anatomy of a Facelift" Vol.2. (drums)
- "Was a friend" on "Was a Friend" Vol. 10. (vocals, piano).

And perhaps on "Bass on Top" Vol.8 too! According to Discogs: "..snippets of Robert Wyatt's background vocals were added to the recording by Hugh Hopper, but Wyatt is not credited on the release; it's not 100% sure that recordings of his voice were actually used".

Any reviews around that we should have read?

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