Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The Wilde Flowers

A repackaged and re-mastered collection by The Wilde Flowers seems to be out on Retroworld/Floating World, and is now expanded to include a bonus disc.

Copied from Floating World:

"The bonus disc features rare tracks by KEVIN AYRES,HUGH HOPPER and ROBERT WYATT with some intriguing newer material by BRIAN HOPPER including a re-work of the SOFT MACHINE CLASSIC “Hope For happiness” recorded by Brian in 2003.

Disc 1: Impotence, Those Words They Say, Memories, Don’t Try to Change Me, Parchman Farm, Almost Grown, She’s Gone, Slow Walkin’ Talk, He’s Bad For You, It’s What I Feel A Certain Kind, Memories, Never Leave Me, Time After Time, Just Where I Want, No Gain When You Lose, Impotence (alt. Version, Why Do You Care, The Pie Man Cometh, Summer Spirit, She Loves to Hurt, the Big Show, Memories(alt. version).
Disc 2: The Pieman Cometh, Mummie, That’s Alright Mama, Orientasian, Frentica, 3-4 Blues Thing in F, Slow Walkin’ Talk, Man in a Deaf Corner, Summertime, Belsized Parked, Where But For Caravan Would I, Hope for Happiness."

Also available from Amazon. Only on CD I guess.

In connection with the release Pennyblackmusic spoke to Robert Wyatt (published 24 December 2015).

"PB: As there was a “Canterbury Scene”, do you think there was also an identifiable ‘Canterbury Sound”? How would you characterise it?

RW: We knew a lot more than we could actually play."

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