Thursday, March 3, 2016

Ivor Cutler (15 January 1923 – 3 March 2006)

Here is a blog post in memory of Ivor Cutler who died 3 March ten years ago.

I think this world needs his music and writings more than ever. Beautiful, serious and witty as it is.

Since it is also the World Book Day in UK and Ireland today, a wish: Let´s have some kind of anthology, collected writings or a biography in not too long. Anyone?


are not
very bright
by my standards.
never had any
reason to grow
brains. For
one thing
it´s hard
to read
under water and
the paper gets too wet
to handle and
there isn´t the light and
fins let books slip and you´d
have to hold the
pen in your mouth.

who say
"A school of fish"
advantage of
their limited
intelligence to poke cruel

You let
fish be.

Or eat them.

From Ivor Cutler: A Flat Man. With drawings by Phyllis April King (Trigram 1977).

In one of my books I found a copy of an interview with Mr. Cutler from New Statesman (30 May 1997) called "Influences".
Here is one of the Q & A´s:
- On important matters, whose opinion - other than your own - do you trust most?
- Phyllis King and Robert Wyatt.

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