Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Calais Music Caravan Benefit Show

The Calais Music Caravan Benefit Show is happening at Cafe Oto Saturday 12 March (info on Cafe Oto´s site):

A fundraiser for The Calais Music Caravan, including the world premiere of LAST by Caroline Kraabel, featuring pre-recorded vocals by Robert Wyatt.

“All of us are migrants or the descendants of migrants – people who moved to find something and to get away from something (the two ideas are just a switch of perspective apart).

A while ago I wrote a song about some aspects of being a migrant, in order to make of it a longer piece for pre-recorded voice and improvising orchestra; Robert Wyatt agreed to record this short but very heartfelt song, which appears several times in various ways through the piece.

Tonight’s performance will include a first version of LAST, played by these most exceptional of improvising musicians and directed by myself".

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