Sunday, October 21, 2018

MOJO No. 300

Finally Mojo´s issue no. 300 is in the shelves here in Norway too.

The cover is a nice tribute to Beatles´ white album of course and the CD that comes with the magazine has a previously unreleased track by Robert Wyatt.

The Wyatt song is a beautiful demo of Robert Wyatt singing the Paul Weller lyrics to "Invisible", a song later used on Weller´s "22 Dreams" (2008).

From Mojo:
"I owe so much to Paul, he´s been so encouraging over the years", Wyatt tells us, "and he played on half a dozen of the best recordings I´ve been able to make. This is my way of saying "Thank you, Paul"."


Jan van Driel said...

This beautiful demo is a real gem. Any idea when and with whom thus was recorded?

Svenn said...

Sorry, I forgot all about your comment! The info in Mojo doesn´t say when it was recorded, but the lyrics were used on Weller´s "22 Dreams" in 2008.