Friday, November 2, 2018

Carolina Katún - Al Silencio (Jazzland 2018)

A nice cover of "Sea Song" on Carolina Katún´s album "Al Silencio" on the Norwegian Jazzland label (October 2018).

""In Al Silencio", I was willing to pay tribute to some of the keys songs and singers that have impacted my life so far. This repertoire is composed of some Latino American standards such as la ranchera mexicana "La llorona", and others which are less well-known, such as "Le tengo al silencio", from Athahalpa Yupanqui, the song that gave the Album its title..." Through pieces by Robert Wyatt or Purcell, the band opens up to other horizons such as pop and baroque music. The specific quality of the band is to make each piece their own in a common spirit, conjuring new arrangements that possess a beautiful simplicity. The group's open-mindedness was the perfect fit for Carolina Katún."

Listen, buy and read more on Jazzland´s Bandcamp and home page.

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