Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Nicolas Roeg (RIP), Venice and Rock Bottom

Somebody (@MrPaulDuane) recently tweeted a link to a piece called "Two Intertwined Semi-Venetian Masterpieces" by Glenn Kenny (The Criterion Collection 2015).

I must have read it before but can´t see that I have posted it.

"Venice asserts itself as “a sinister presence” in Roeg’s film ((Don’t Look Now, 1973)) Robert Wyatt aptly notes in the liner notes to a 1998 reissue of his 1974 album Rock Bottom. Wyatt cites Don’t Look Now in his notes because the making of the film, particularly its six-week Venice shoot, is intimately intertwined with the genesis of his classic album—ranked alongside Bob Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks by NME in the year of its release, when it was also awarded an international Grand Prix du Disque in France, and, according to biographer Marcus O’Dair, “still widely considered one of the finest albums ever made.”

Late in 1972, Wyatt’s then girlfriend and future wife, the artist Alfreda Benge, was hired as second assistant editor for the just-beginning Roeg production. Benge had met Roeg while he was shooting the concert doc Glastonbury Fayre, and was close friends with the film’s female lead,Julie Christie. The picture began filming around Christmas in England, and in January of 1973 moved to Venice for location shooting."

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