Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Friday at Borealis

Just a short report from a Borealis Friday in Bergen (crazy, noisy, beautiful, tiresome and quite perfect):
- Lunch with clown Adam De La Cour and others at the Student's Center.
- Biblioludium in the library with poet Erlend O. Nødtvedt.
- Asimisimasa perform a piece for instruments and naked man. We are talking about contemporary music here!
- Whistle Pig Saloon is Robert van Heumen and John Ferguson. Great noise impro!
- Biggest and wildest so far is captain Sigbjørn Apeland's organ tower for 16 organ players, children and poet. Wow!

And Faust entered the stage after 4-5 hours of contemporary music. I managed one song, and missed their use of cement mixers and other heavy equipment. I'll check the venue later today, to see if they rebuilt it.

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