Friday, July 17, 2009

Han Bennink

Today Han Bennink played a solo concert at Reknes in Molde. It was a 45 minute long drum show, but perhaps not as wild as yesterday's performance where Frode Gjerstad was hurt in a cymbal accident.
Bennink also lectured on jazz history, ornithology and improvisation. He claimed woodpeckers are the best drummers and said that to improvise is like throwing yourself into a swimming pool with a rucksack strapped to your back, and then work yourself out of the troubles you are in.
He stopped playing several times to ask if there were any questions. One guy wondered how Frode Gjerstad was doing and Bennik just hoped everything was fine, and stated that a viking from Stavanger should be able to shrug off a small accident like that.
The only accident today was a broken vase.


がぶる said...

nice report!! also thanks for the link to my photo. did you wake up early today and had seen "Break of Day"? it was so fantastic!!

Svenn said...

Yes I was there. A beautiful morning. See last year's performance with Karin Krog singing "Break of Day in Molde" here: