Sunday, July 5, 2009

Some sad news from Robert Wyatt

After Meltdown I heard that things were not all that easy for Alfie (Alfreda Benge, artist and Wyatt's wife for those who do not know) and Robert Wyatt these days, so I sent them a friendly greeting.

I got a couple of mails from Robert, and he does not mind that this information goes out to friends out there who might visit this site:

Alfie has got troubles with her eyes, and Robert says her "eye deterioration being kept to minimum currently possible by (expensive!) monthly injections, so so far so ok about that". Let's just hope Alfie will be fine!

Then the message written yesterday goes: "But her lovely mother Irena died this morning, we're never prepared for these things. Irena was Alfie's only family. Feeling shocked and bewildered, we're never really ready for how it feels".

I am quite sure there are lots of sympathetic people out in the world who'd care to know this, and we all send our warm thoughts to Alfie and Robert.


Anonymous said...

sympathy and condolences to alfie and robert. truly, we're never really ready...

Anonymous said...

Robert , you have been one of the most important influences in my musical life (ever since 1968 !)
We had some snail-mail correspondence back and forth many years ago (in my radio DJ years), and I have always treasured you & your work. You are still my favourite drummer (a MASSIVE influence there),AND singer. Always looking forward to every new album , no matter how long before the next one might be.

I am very sorry to hear about your and Alfie`s loss of Irena. Please give dear Alfie our deepest condolences, and a BIG hug.

Losing Elton , and now Hugh has been absolutely devastating for all Softs fans.

Wishing you all the very best, always....

Much love,
Craig Shropshire
(Dallas , TX USA)