Friday, July 17, 2009

Thursday at Moldejazz

- Ingebrikt Håker Flaten was interviewed at the "Jazz Academy". Not too many people awake this early in the morning, but an interesting hour with Håker Flaten. I know him best from Scorch Trio, The Thing and Atomic, but I'll just have to check out his earlier stuff too.
- You think free jazz is boring? Not if you see Han Bennink and Frode Gjerstad. Bennink worked the room, and even moved out into the sunhine to drum and talk, while Gjerstad played saxophones and clarinettes inside. Bennink even managed to hurt Gjerstad by tearing down cymbals and hitting Gjerstad's foot (only sandals there)! Bennink seemed a bit shocked himself, but told jokes as Gjerstad had a rest. I was impressed by Gjerstad's playing too, and It's hard work to get people to see and hear you alongside a drummer like Bennink.
- Artist in residence Arve Henriksen was on stage with Ståle Storløkken and Helge "Deathprod" Steen in Supersilent this evening. Rythmic, noisy and perhaps a bit scary to those in the audience that knew Arve Henriksen only from his more friendly stuff.

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