Monday, November 29, 2010


Then there were three "Untitled" books, this time with the subtitle "This is Street Art" (Carpet Bombing Culture, 2010). Just as in  "Untitled" and "Untitled. II" we get lots of great street art, and this time lots of Banksy! The words are still not supposed to have anything to do with the pictures, but the book is a quite nice read ("witty" might be the word here).

Nothing from Bergen this time (as far as I can see), but Stavanger (Swoon), Oslo (DOLK) and Lofoten (DOLK, Pøbel) are all represented. You already know I  am usually focusing on Norway, and here I couldn´t do anything else, even if I wanted to. A list of the names of the artists and the photographers,  that´s all we get, and the pages where we may find the pictures. Pity then, that the book is not paginated.

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