Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I think this is the first blog post on wine here, and I promise not to take it much further out into the dangerous landscapes of alcohol. Anyway, i just had to post this metal wine!
Sigurd Wongroven from the black metal band Satyricon has developed a Barolo wine together with  Luca Roagna from Piedmont (I just pretend to know anything about wines here, but I hope you were a bit impressed?).
I came home from the wine store today with a 3 liter box of Wongraven Alleanja Langhe Rosso 2009, with a sweet little devil on the box (they sell this wine bottled too), and the taste was not bad. They even claim it´s fit for drinking with food!
I will not be so mean as to joke about a metallic aftertaste here, but just link to some background music.

There is also  Wongraven Unione Barolo 2006, probably much better, at least considering the price.
Well, enough rock and roll for today.

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