Sunday, September 18, 2011


The musicians in Silencers have played together for five years, and finally their debut album "Balance des Blancs" (SOFA 2011) is here.
I heard them in Bergen in 2010, playing a great concert, using Rhododendron branches from the nearest park. It may sound like they have been fetching some materials from the botanical kingdom on "Balance des Blanc" too, at least i think I hear some leaves in the wind here. And yes, the music is kind of "natural", as at flows onward and the acoustic guitar, xylophone, trumpet and more or less prepared pianos are weaved together. This must be some kind of ecological improvisation.

The music is mostly slow and quiet (to be expected by a band called Silencers I guess), but it is exciting still, and just as fit for concentration indoors by your stereo, as for listening outdoors on your iPod with the sounds of the environment blending in.
Fine stuff indeed!

The band is:
Benoit Delbecq - Piano, prepared piano
Kim Myhr - guitar, resonant objects
Nils Ostendorf - trumpet
Toma Gouband - percussion

Cover: Clare Cooper.

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