Friday, November 25, 2011

Dans Les Arbres

I have to admit I get a bit stressed, when I´m the first one to arrive at a concert in a big church, ten minutes before they are supposed to start playing. But there were obviously no reason to worry yesterday, when Dans Les Arbres played a fantastic concert for ten grown ups an one little baby in the Korskirken church in Bergen. Ivar Grydeland (guitar, banjo), Ingar Zach (drums, percussion), Xavier Charles (clarinet) and Christian Wallumrød (piano, shruti box) are professionals to their fingertips, and even played an extra number for the small "crowd".

The music was quiet and beautiful, and Birk Nygaard´s lights made me feel like I was swimming with the fish in a church aquarium. Now that may not sound positive to all of you, but it is!
Thanks a lot!

Christian Wallumrød was sitting in the dark all the time, and is not present on any of my unfocused pictures, and the baby slept all through the concert.

You will find several releases by these artists on SOFA.

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