Monday, November 14, 2011

Ribbon of rust

Now this may give you some ideas on how you may combine two interests, like plants and music. The artist Cecilia Jonsson visited Bergen´s Galleri Fisk (transl: "Gallery Fish"!) this weekend, with her exhibition "Ribbon of rust".
I usually don´t post local exhibitions from Bergen in this blog, but this one was too good to hide. Jonsson combined sound installation and plant growing. She had scraped iron oxide from a cassette recording of Vivaldi´s "Four Seasons", and mixed this into the earth where a nettle was growing. The plant then just sucked Vivaldi up through it´s roots, and the artist (some way or the other) managed to recorded the plant, and let us hear.

It was pretty hard to recognize Vivaldi, but still quite interesting! What next? Metal, jazz or country? We could get some serious Wyatting in the greenhouses!

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