Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Eloquent Vandals

The publishers Kontur Forlag (who also gave us the book "Street Art Norway") recently published a book on Stavanger´s street art festival Nuart.
In "Eloquent Vandals" we follow the festival from it´s beginning as the little brother of Numusic in 2001, with a focus on digital art, and from 2006 the kind of street art festival it still is.
The book is peppered with great photos of street art by Nick Walker, Chris Stain, Herakut, Blek Le Rat, Dotmasters, Swoon, Blu, Pøbel, Dolk MIR and lots more, and the texts are written both in Norwegian and English.

Editors are Martin Reed (the founder of both Numusic and Nuart), Marte Jølbo and Victoria Bugge Øye.

The book will probably soon be sold by Amazon?

Since Stavanger is a marked city after the festivals, I have managed to catch some of the festival art too.

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