Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ketil Gutvik Weekly

Anyone going to Oslo in the late summer?
If so, you may want to take notice of the Norwegian guitar player Ketil Gutvik´s concert series "Gutvik ukentlig" ("Gutvik weekly"), that has been going on for 10 years now.

The program is quite impressive, and you will find the last four concerts this year in the bottom of the blog post. The concerts are held in a record store called "Stein and Jord" and the entrance fee is next to nothing. The "Gutvik ukentlig" site is in Norwegian, but I think you will manage to find your way, no matter what planet you come from.

Tuesday 13 August
Akira Sakata (JP) / Fred Lonberg-Holm (US) / Paal Nilssen-Love / Ketil Gutvik
+ Ungsoloen: Natalie Sandtorv
/stemme solo/

Tuesday 20 August
Okkyung Lee (KOR) / Jørgen Mathisen / Andreas Wildhagen / Ola Høyer / Ketil Gutvik
+ Ungsoloen: Johan Lindvall
/keyboard solo/

Tuesday 27 August
Per-Åke Holmlander / Kjetil Møster / Ståle Liavik Solberg / Ketil Gutvik /tuba/saksofon/trommer/gitar/
+ sesongstart for konsertserien Blow Out: TBA
/NB! Venue: MIR, Toftesgate 69/ (only this concert)

Tuesday 3 September
Steve Noble (UK) / Rolf-Erik Nystrøm / Ketil Gutvik
+ Ungsoloen: Ole Mofjell
/trommer solo/

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