Tuesday, August 27, 2013


The Trondheim based musicians Kristoffer Lo (tuba) and Tomas Järmyr (dr) are the duo Yodok.

They recently released their first full length album ("#2") of "improvised doom" (as the label calls it) on The Perfect Hoax.

The one track album lasts for 76 minutes, where they build layers of sound using tuba and drums (not sounding like tuba and drums for long stretches) and electronics for 30 minutes, making a break with some minutes of a more stripped down musical landscape, before they go into massive droning (Sunn O, Earth?), and finally some real banging the drums too, after 50 minutes or so.

Ouch, that was boring description! You better listen to it, to hear that it is a great record, from musicians who seem to be able to play "all kinds" of music! Check out their bands and projects on their web sites to be convinced!

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