Friday, August 30, 2013

Kevin Ayers, Eulogy by Galen Ayers

Listen to Galen Ayers wonderful speech about her father, during the Kevin Ayers Memorial Event at Cafe Sa Fonda, Deià, Majorca, 16th August 2013.

You will find more info on and on YouTube, and since we are in Deià here, don't forget to look for "Tuning up at Dawn. A memoir of music and Majorca" by Tomás Graves (Harper Perennial 2005).

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Rick Lomas said...

Many thanks for embedding my video and crediting us at KevinAyers.ORG accordingly. I feel incredibly honored that Galen gave me the eulogy afterwards, just because I said I liked it. That was a very special moment. Keep up the good work with Robert Wyatt and stuff.