Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bly DeBlyant: Hindsight Bias

The members of Bly De Blyant are Øyvind Skarbø (dr, perc, voice), Shahzad Ismaily (b, moog, voice, banjo, drum machine, org) and Hilmar Jensson (g, b, p, voice).

Their previous album on Hubro ("ABC" 2013) was creme de la creme, and the new one, "Hindsight Bias" (2014) is even better. They still play all kinds of genres (!), and the album has the feeling of a relaxed jam even if most of the music this time, was written by Skarbø before they started.

Bergen sax man Kjetil Møster visits on one track ("Bunker Hill").

Read more on Soundcloud or on Hubro´s site.

I heard them do a secret pop-up concert in Bergen earlier this week, with Anders Bitustøyl (b) replacing Shahzad Ismaily for the occasion (lousy flash photo here). Funky stuff live!

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