Friday, February 28, 2014

Stein Urheim

Bergen´s own Stein Urheim´s eponymous album is out on Hubro now!

You should check out this fine "guitar album" (Urheim plays lots of other instruments too) right away, to get some folk, blues, Americana, Cooder in "Paris Texas" mood, world music, and you name it!

You might notice a natural development from his previous album on Hubro, "Kosmolodi" (2012), not only in the name of track one on the new album: "Kosmoloda". Only 150 copies were released of the vinyl version of "Kosmolodi", but downloads are available where you find such stuff.

Jørgen Træen adds modular synth and effects.

Stein Urheim´s work with Mari Kvien Brunvoll is also highly recommendable. Check out "Daydream Twin" (Jazzland 2013) and "Stein & Mari´s Daydream Community" (Jazzland 2011).

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