Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition

If you are a violinist in jazz, you might want to join the 1st International Zbigniew Seifert Jazz Violin Competition, Cracow, July 16-19, 2014.
"The Competition is open to violinists and violists of all nationalities under the age of 38, performing jazz and improvised music. All types of violins and violas, both acoustic and electric, can be used".

As for the Polish jazz violonist Zbigniew Seifert, I have to admit I only know his album "Passion" from 1978, on which he worked with Jack De Johnette, John Scofield, Eddy Gomez, Richard Beirach and Nana Vasconcelos. But violins and violas in jazz may be quite cool, so get going!

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