Sunday, January 11, 2015

Gorg Buljo and Nils Økland: Neve

How about a duo with sami yoik and fiddles for your cold winter ears?

I believe you will like Georg Buljo (yoik) and Nils Økland´s (Hardanger fiddle, violin, and viola d’amore) album "Neve" (Duippidit 2014).

The music is composed by Buljo and released on his Duippidit company (no company web site?). About the music his site states he "builds on his Saami traditions with the yoik as the main base but brings along Scandinavian moods and phrases..".

The album title is the Italian word for "Snow", but the music is warm and beautiful and Økland´s fiddles are sounding fantastic as always.

Available from Amazon (UK) and iTunes.

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