Thursday, January 1, 2015

Please excuse me while I sleep on it

Hello people and hello 2015!

Let me just start the year with an excuse to all of you that have been sending me links to music I should listen to and write about, and haven´t heard a word from me.

Believe me or not, but I might have listened to the music and liked it too, but things have been a bit slow in 2014. It has just been too much for me to digest and blog about.

Regular visitors will know that I am a fan and not a reviewer, just trying to get more people hooked on good music. So I won´t promise to change, even if I know it´s rude not to answer people, and most of the stuff in wyattandstuff will still be music I seek out and buy myself.

If you still want to contact me, please do (I really appreciate it!), and find me on Twitter, Flickr or Instagram too for even shorter messages than the ones you will find here.

(I have a feeling I have been writing this blog post before! Please don´t check!)

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